Two days to the deadline: let us appreciate your baroque creativity!

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You still have 2 days to enter the Premio Bonporti and let us appreciate your baroque creativity!!!

The Premio Bonporti 2022 is for ensembles (and composers too, if you like).

The competition is dedicated to Italian ensemble music of the period 1600c.-1750c., focusing in particular on the enhancement of the creative aspects of historical music.

  • extemporaneous ornamentation; 
  • musical composition;
  • performance in a historical acoustic environment (the organ loft of an 18th century church  – the salon of an 18th century palazzo)

Admission of a maximum of 4 ensembles (selection through audio-video material).

The Premio Bonporti 2022 will take place in Rovereto (Italy) from 25 to 30 October 2022.

The President of the jury is the well-known Argentine musician and musicologist Pedro Memelsdorff.

The other jurors:

Alessandro Ciccolini  (Italy)

Elam Rotem (Israel)

Giorgio Pacchioni (Italy)

Romano Vettori (Italy)

Deadline October 15th 2022

Go to the regulations!

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