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Four pieces:

a) Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672-1749)

From La Pace. Invenzioni op. 10 a violino solo col basso continuo (c. 1712-    1715):

  • Choice of 2 movements, accompanied either by Harpsichord or violoncello (or both).
b) Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685-1750)
From: Sei Solo a Violino senza Basso accompagnato (ms, 1720):
  • Tempo di Borea from the Partita n.1  BWV 1002 (without Double).
  • Fuga from  the Sonata n.1 BWV 1001.

Da Camera Round (Violin and b.c.)

a)  Francesco Antonio Bonporti
  • A Concertino OR a Serenata chosen from    Concertini, e Serenate op. 12 (c. 1736).
b) Arcangelo Corelli
  • A sonata chosen from Sonatas op. 5 1-6 with candidates’ own ornamentation.

c) The free choice of a sonata by an Italian composer (c. 1600-1660).

Da Concerto Round (Violin and Orchestra)

a) “Prima vista”:
  • an extract of a short melody (about 1′ – it might be from a  vocal aria) with the possibility of 5′ of preliminary study given by the artistic direction (the candidate will have to demonstrate musical expressiveness and improvised ornamentation).
b) F. A. Bonporti:
  • Concerto op. 11 n. 2 in B-flat major from Concerti a quattro op. XI (c. 1735).



c) Albinoni
  • Concerto op. 10 n. 8 in g minor from Concerti a cinque op. X (1722).