28th Edition

10th International Baroque Violin Competition

Rovereto (Italy), October 27th-30th 2023

Deadline: September 27th 2023


Ryo Terakado


The new Premio Bonporti takes place as follows:

  • Admission of maximum 4 participants – (selection through audio-video material – see point 3. “Admission requirements”).
  • The 4 admitted candidates will participate in both live performances in Rovereto “(Da camera” and “in concerto”). After which, the prizes will be assigned – First, Second, Third and Fourth Prizes, a Special Prize for the Performance of Music by F.A. Bonporti and an Audience Prize:
  • “Da camera”: a programme of chamber music (1600c.-1750c.) (see point 5.2  “Programme”).
  • “In concerto” – two concertos for violin and orchestra by Italian composers  (see point 5.3 “Programme”).

The Premio Bonporti will provide:

  • Cash prizes for the admitted candidates .The winner (1st prize) will record a promotional DVD as the
  • BONPORTI HIP (Historically Informed Performance) TESTIMONIAL in order to best represent and disseminate historical performance practice.
  • Scholarships for Harpsichord accompanists.
  • Accommodation for all participants (violinists and harpsichordists).

See also points 4.  “Prizes and Grants” and 11 . “Accommodation”.


Ryo Terakado – President (Japan)

Emilio Moreno (Spain)

Dmitry Sinkovsky (Russia)

Romano Vettori (Italy)


The Competition is open to all violinists:

  • born after September 27th 1987
  • playing a baroque violin with the following characteristics:
    • all gut strings except the g one (shouldcompetitors wish to use a violin with a gut g string for the 17th century repertoire, they may)
    • no chin-rest
    • no shoulder-rest
    • period bow.
  • Competitors not satisfying all these requirements will not be admitted to the competition.
  • If there is a family relationships between a player and any member of the jury, the juror involved will abstain from voting that competitor.
  • If a player is, or has been, a pupil of any member of the jury, or has played in an ensemble directed by a member of the jury, the juror involved will abstain from voting that competitor.



  • First Prize
    • 1.100,00 EUR
    • DVD recording as “Bonporti HIP Testimonial “
  • Second Prize
    • 900,00 EUR
  • Third Prize
    • 700,00 EUR
  • Fourth Prize
    • 400,00 EUR
  • Audience Prize
    • 500,00 EUR

      All prizes are indivisible. The Jury may decide not to assign the First Prize.

Prizes can only be awarded to candidates  who participate in both sessions (‘Da camera”’ and ‘In concerto”).


Each of the four Harpsichord accompanists of the admitted violinists will receive a scholarship of € 150,00.

All admitted participants (violinists and harpsichordists) will be accommodated at the organiser’s expense from 26 to 30 October 2023 (four nights) (see point 11. “Accommodation”).


The Competition takes place in three stages: Admission, “Da camera”, “In concerto”. For each stage, competitors will have to play the following programme:

5.1 Selection for admission (deadline September 27th 2023) (Video)

Four pieces:

a) Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672-1749)

From La Pace. Invenzioni op. 10 a violino solo col basso continuo (c. 1712-    1715):

  • Choice of 2 movements, accompanied either by Harpsichord or violoncello (or both).

b) Johann Sebastian Bach  (1685-1750)

From: Sei Solo a Violino senza Basso accompagnato (ms, 1720):

  • Tempo di Borea from the Partita n.1  BWV 1002 (without Double).
  • Fuga from  the Sonata n.1 BWV 1001.


The video recording should allow the violinist to be observed from no more than about 2 metres away and to detect the total absence of a chin-rest, shoulder-rest or similar support. Before playing, the candidate must show the bow and the violin he/she will play. The violin should be shown front and back, horizontally and vertically.

The Premio Bonporti will announce by email and on the website www.premiobonporti.it the names of the four successful candidates by 6 October 2023.

 The 4 admitted candidates will play in both sessions (“Da camera, e “Da concerto”), after which the prizes will be awarded.

5.2 “Da camera”

a)  Francesco Antonio Bonporti- A Concertino OR a Serenata chosen from    Concertini, e Serenate op. 12 (c. 1736).

b) Arcangelo Corelli – A sonata chosen from Sonatas op. 5 1-6 with candidates’ own ornamentation.

c) The free choice of a sonata by an Italian composer (c. 1600-1660).

d) “Prima vista”: an extract of a short melody (about 1′ – it might be from a  vocal aria) with the possibility of 5′ of preliminary study given by the artistic direction (the candidate will have to demonstrate musical expressiveness and improvised ornamentation).

It will be especially welcome if the music of the period 1600-1660 will be performed with an ancient bow (short).

Each candidate must be accompanied by their own harpsichordist (see also point 4. “Grants”).

The organisation will make available a replica of an period Italian harpsichord..

Diapason: A = 415 Hz


  • 1600-1660 music: 1/4 comma meantone.
  • 1660-1750 music: 1/6 comma synt. meantone (Not Vallotti or Vallotti/Young)

5.3 “In Concerto”

a) A. Bonporti –  Concerto op. 11 n. 2 in B-flat major from Concerti a quattro op. XI (c. 1735).

b) Albinoni – Concerto op. 10 n. 8 in g minor from Concerti a cinque op. X (1722).

In the Concerts the candidates will be accompanied by the Bonporti Baroque Orchestra (BBO).


The scores may be downloaded from the Premio Bonporti website. www.premiobonporti.it


Competitors must:

  • By September 27th 2023 fill out and send the application form online from the website premiobonporti.it
  • send via the same application form 4 files containing the following information:
    • an audio-video recording in which the candidate performs the admission programme (see point1) (in MP4 or AVI format).
    • curriculum vitae (max 30 lines)(in free text format or Microsoft Word format (.doc).
    • an artistic photo (.jpg format min. 300 dpi).
    • scan of the registration fee receipt (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format).
    • scan of the identity card or passport (in .jpg min. 300 dpi or .pdf format).

All the above-mentioned information and documents must be sent exclusively in electronic format, via the application form on www.premiobonporti.it


A registration fee of 80,00 EUR per participant must be sent to the Competion Secretariat via bank transfer to the following account:

account holder:  Accademia di Musica Antica – Piazza San Marco, 7 – 38068 Rovereto TN – Italy

bank name: Cassa Rurale di Rovereto
IBAN: IT47 G082 1020 8000 0003 0207 953

The registration fee will not be reimbursed in case of withdrawal.


The deadline for the submission of the application files (see point 7.) and for the payment of the registration fee (see 8.) is  September  27th 2023.


The Competition will take place from 27 to 30 October 2023.

  • October 27th 2023 – 5.30pm: “Da Camera” Performance.
  • October 28h 2023: Rehearsals with orchestra.
  • October 29th 2023 – 16.00pm: “In Concerto” Performance
  • October 30th 2023 – 11.00am: Prize Giving Ceremony

All rounds are open to the public and will be held in the form of concerts.

All rounds of the competition will be fully video-recorded. The organisation reserves the right to publicly broadcast the recordings of the performances (or part thereof). It also reserves the right to make and distribute a promo-CD of the competition with all or part of the recorded material. By registering for the competition, the Competitors waive all rights regarding these recordings and broadcasts.


The organisation offers all admitted participants (violinists and harpsichordists) free accommodation at the Youth Hostel in Rovereto from the evening of October 26th until the morning of October 30th, 2023 (four nights).

For information:

Ostello di Rovereto
Via delle Scuole 18
I – 38068 Rovereto TN

tel. +39.(0)464.486757 or mob. +39 342 7431378
or fax +39.(0)464.400959
info@ostellorovereto.it – www.ostellorovereto.it

Information about  Rovereto and nearby towns and villages may be found on the following websites:





All participants accept these  Regulations.

There is no appeal against the decisions of the Jury.
The organisation may decide to make minor changes to these  regulations without prior notice.
The Rovereto Court of Law will be competent for any legal controversy.


Palazzo Carpentari von Mittenberg
Piazza San Marco, 7
I – 38068 Rovereto TN

tel. +39.(0)464.013048 or mob. +39.333.4813958
or fax +39.(0)464.013048



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