26th Edition
9th International Baroque Violin Competition

1st International HIP Bonporti Masterclass

Dedicated to the memory of Luigi Rovighi (1932-2020)

Rovereto (Italy), December 1st-5th 2021

Deadline: October 14th 2021

To read the musical pieces of good masters rightly according to the instructions, and to play them in keeping with the outstanding Affetto of the piece is far more artistic than to study the most difficult solo or concerto.

(L. Mozart, Gründliche Violinschule, 1755)




The new Bonporti Award takes place as follows:

  • Admission of maximum 6 participants – with scholarship (selection through audio-video material)
  • Preparatory Masterclass for the 6 admitted candidates (5 online meetings and two days in presence in Rovereto) – The Masterclass will be held by Richard Gwilt (President of the Competition) who will lend each candidate a replica of a short 17th Century bow. Candidates who have a similar bow (indigenous wood, circa 62 cm) and would prefer to use their own are welcome to do so.
  • Semifinal round (the 6 candidates admitted)
  • Final round (maximum 3 candidates).
  • An important innovation is the introduction of performance of an assigned melody (“a prima vista” – sight reading) in keeping with historical practice.


  • 6 scholarships
  • 3 cash prizes to the Finalists
  • The winner will record a promotional DVD as the BONPORTI HIP (Historically Informed Performance) TESTIMONIAL in order to best represent and disseminate historical performance practice.

A promotional copy of the DVD with accompanying presentation book will be sent by the Premio Bonporti to the main international festivals and organisations of early music.

2. The Jury

Susanne Scholz

Veronika Skuplik

Alessandro Ciccolini

Carlo Fiore

Romano Vettori


The Competition is open to all violinists:

  • born after October 14th 1985
  • playing baroque violin with the following characteristics:
  1. GUT STRING SET-UP: plain gut e,a,d, covered (or plain) gut G – Those violinists who wish to use two violins are welcome to do so.
  2. no chin-rest
  3. no shoulder-rest
  4. period bow. The participants will be lent a 62cm cherry wood bow for the 17th century repertoire. Those participants who have a similar bow and would prefer to use their own, are welcome to do so.

An official continuo player (Valeria Montanari) will accompany all competitors. There will be a replica of a 17th Century Italian harpsichord(1/4 comma mean tone temperament) and of an 18th century Italian harpsichord (1/6 comma mean tone temperament).

Competitors not satisfying all the previous requirements will not be admitted to the competition.

  • If there is a family relationship between a player and any member of the jury: the involved juror will abstain from voting for that competitor.
  • If a competitor is or has been a pupil of any member of the jury, or played in an ensemble directed by a jury member:the involved juror(s) will abstain from voting for that competitor.



  • First Prize
    • 900,00 EUR
    • DVD recording as “Bonporti HIP Testimonial” (see 1.)
  • Second Prize
    • 600,00 EUR
  • Third Prize
    • 300,00 EUR


All prizes are indivisible. The Jury may decide not to assign one or more prizes. Prizes will only be assigned to the final round of the competition.


Each of the 6 musicians admitted to the competition and to the preparatory masterclass will receive:

  • a scholarship of € 250.00
  • hospitality in Rovereto (November 30th– December 4th)
  • The loan of a short 17th Century bow made by Richard Gwilt and generously put at the disposal of the masterclass and competition.

The Bonporti organisation is very grateful to Professor Gwilt who has made it possible to offer contestants the possibility of playing with a short 17th Century bow of indigenous wood.


The Competition consists of four stages: Admission (First Round), Masterclass, Semi-final and Final. For each stage, competitors will have to play the following programmes:

5.1 Selection for Admission (deadline October 14thonly audio-video material – see 7.)

  • Nicola Matteis (1650c.- after 1713)
    • Passagio rotto
    • Fantasia

(from Other Ayrs … for the Violin … the Second Part, Unidentified Publisher, n.d. (ca.1676).


  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    • Loure
    • Gigue

(from Partita in E major BWV 1006 in Sei Solo a Violino senza Basso accompagnato (ms, 1720)


5.2 Masterclass (October-November 2021)

  • 5 Online meetings (2 seminars and 3 individual)
    • Repertoire and dates to be organized directly with Richard Gwilt
  • 1 day of in presence Masterclasses in Rovereto (December 1st)


5.3 Semifinal Round (December 2nd )

  • “Prima Vista” – solo  (with early bow)
  • Giovanni Battista Fontana (1589?-1630?)
    • Sonata II or VI (with early bow)

from: Sonate A 1.2.3 per il Violino … (Venice 1641)

  • Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)
    • Sonata 1 OR 6

from Sonate a violino e violone o cimbalo Opera V, First edition (Rome 1700)

OR from Estienne Roger, Amsterdam, (n.d.) (Edition with ornaments)


5.4 Final Round (Violin and Orchestra) (December 4th )

  • “Prima Vista” – solo
  • Biagio Marini (1594-1663) with early bow)
    • Sonata Quarta

from Sonate, sinfonie, canzoni …, op. VIII, (Venice 1629)


  • Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
    • Sonata 1 n.10 in g minor (GT 2.g10)

from Sonate a violino e violoncello o cimbaloopera prima (Le Cene, Amsterdam, 1734)

  • Francesco Antonio Bonporti (1672-1749)
    • Concerto Ottavo in D major

(from Concerti a quattro. Due violini,alto viola,e basso con violino di rinforzo…, op. XI (Trento, c.1715


On December 3rd the scholarships will be paid and the bows must be returned. The finalists will return the bows after the final.

Diapason: A = 415 Hz

An official continuo player will be available for all competitors.


All  scores will be available for download from www.premiobonporti.it/scores


Competitors must:

  • By October 14th 2021 fill out and send the application form online from the website premiobonporti.it
  • send via the same Application
    form the files containing the following information:

    • an audio-video recording in which the candidate performs the admission (First Round) programme (see 5.1) (in MP4 or AVI format)
    • curriculum vitae (max 30 lines)(in free text format or Microsoft Word format (.doc)
    • an artistic photo (.jpg format min. 300 dpi)
    • scan of the registration fee receipt (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format)
    • scan of the identity card or passport (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format).
    • Scan of European Digital Covid Certificate (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format) OR equivalent.

All the above-mentioned information and documents must be sent exclusively in electronic format via Application form on www.premiobonporti.it


A registration fee of 50,00 EUR per participant must be sent to the Competition Secretariat via bank transfer to the following account:

Accountholder:  Accademia di Musica Antica – Piazza San Marco, 7 – 38068 Rovereto TN – Italy
Cassa Rurale AltoGarda Rovereto
IBAN: IT34 T080 1620 8000 0004 120 7953

The registration fee will not be reimbursed in case of withdrawal.


The deadline for the submission of the application files (see 7.) and for the payment of the registration fee (see 8.) is October 14th  2021.


The Masterclass and Competition will take place from October to December 2021.

  • October 14th 2021 : Selection (First Round)
  • October/November 2021: Seminars and individual lessons online
  • December 1st 2021: Masterclass in Rovereto
  • December 2nd 2021 – 9.30pm: Semi-final round
  • December 3rd 2021: Rehearsal of finalists with orchestra
  • December 4th 2021 – 9.00 pm: Final with orchestra
  • December 5th 2021 – 11.00am: Prizes Award Ceremony

The Semi-final and Final are open to the public and will be held in the form of a concert.

The public rounds of the competition and masterclass will be fully video-recorded. The Organisation reserves the right to publicly broadcast the recording performances (or part thereof). It also reserves the right to make and distribute a promo-CD of the competition with all or part of the recorded material. With the registration the Competitors waive any right attached to these recordings and broadcasts.

The successful candidates will immediately be contacted by email and their names published on the Premio Bonporti website by October 19th 2021.


The Organisation offers all participants free accommodation (just the room) in Rovereto’s Youth Hostel from the evening of November 30th until the morning of December 5th, 2021 (five nights).

For information about prices and payment modalities at hostel:

Ostello di Rovereto
Via delle Scuole 18
I – 38068 Rovereto TN

tel. +39.(0)464.486757 or mob. +39 342 7431378
or fax +39.(0)464.400959
info@ostellorovereto.it  – www.ostellorovereto.it

Other information about accomodation in Rovereto and nearby towns and villages can be retrived by visiting the following websites:


All participants accept the present Regulations.

There is no appeal against the decisions of the Jury.
The Organisation may decide to make minor changes to the present Regulations without prior notice. The Rovereto Court of Law will be competent for any legal controversy.


Palazzo Carpentari von Mittemberg
Piazza San Marco, 7
I – 38068 Rovereto TN

tel. +39.333.4813958




© 2021 Accademia di Musica Antica, Rovereto (Italy)