Premio Bonporti 2024 for Composers – The Musical Theme!

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The musical Theme, taken from a “Trio Sonata” by F.A. Bonporti is now published on the website. Composers: make a beautiful musical creation!

The Theme must be treated in the form of a chamber trio sonata with unrealized basso continuo (the composition must include at least three movements for a total duration of approximately 8’/10′; the elaboration of the “theme” may be limited to only one of the movements). The composition must be created using melodic, harmonic and rhythmic procedures consistent with the historical musical period 1600c.-1750c., and must allow  (in the “extensions” of the melodic instruments) the possibility of using violins and/or recorder or transverse flutes or oboes. Candidates may choose to indicate in the score any contrapuntal procedures used (“obligations”, canonical forms, etc.).

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