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24 Edition
8th International Baroque Violin Competition

Rovereto (Italy), 16-20 October 2019

Deadline: September 23rd 2019



Kati Debretzeni

Richard Gwilt

Romano Vettori


The Competition is open to all violinists
1) born after 23 September 1982
2) playing baroque violin with the following characteristics:
2.1) all gut strings but the g one
2.2) no chin-rest
2.3) no shoulder-rest
2.4) period bow.

Before the preliminary round the Jury will check the instruments and will have the ability to decide to admit or not the competitor to the performance.

3) there must be no family relationships between the player and any of the members of the jury;

4) they have not been pupils of any of the members of the jury in the two years – and in 6 months preceding the competition not players in ensembles by any members of the jury. The involved juror(s) will abstain from voting competitor(s).
Competitors not satisfying all the previous requirements will not be admitted to the competition.


First Prize

  • 3.000,00 EUR
  • concerts in some of the music festivals listed in the artistic Patronage of the Premio Bonporti (see below)
  • recommendation to R.E.M.A. (Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne).

Second Prize

  • 2.000,00 EUR
  • concerts in some of the music festivals listed in the artistic Patronage of the Premio Bonporti (see below).

Third Prize

  • 1.000,00 EUR
  • concerts in some of the music festivals listed in the artistic Patronage of the Premio Bonporti (see below).

Special Audience Award “Rovereto Città della Pace”

  • 500,00 EUR for the best competitor selected by the public.
All prizes are indivisible. The Jury may decide not to assign one or more prizes.
Prizes may be assigned only to participants admitted to the final round of the competition.


The Competition articulates on three stages: preliminary round, semi-final and final, plus a Gala Concert for the winner. For each stage, competitors will have to play the following program:

Preliminary Round

  • Arcangelo Corelli: a whole Sonata “da chiesa” from Sonate a violino e violone o cimbalo Opera V

An official continuo player will be available for all competitors. Competitors are allowed to come with their own continuo players.

Semifinal Round  

  • Johann Sebastian Bach: a whole composition from Sei Solo a Violino senza Basso accompagnato (1720)


Final Round (Violin and Orchestra)

  • play the following composition:
    • Francesco Antonio Bonporti: a whole composition from Concertini e Serenate opera XII
  • play and conduct the following concert:
    • Francesco Antonio Bonporti: Concerto op. XI n. 5 in F major

An official continuo player will be available for all competitors. Competitors are allowed to come with their own continuo players.

Diapason: A = 415 Hz


All  scores will be available for download from www.premiobonporti.it/scores


Competitors must:

  • Within September 23rd 2019 fill out and send the application form online from the website premiobonporti.it/application
  • send via the same application form 4 files containing the following information:
    • curriculum vitae (max 30 lines) (in free text format or Microsoft Word format (.doc)
    • an artistic photo (.jpg format min. 300 dpi)
    • scan of the registration fee receipt (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format)
    • scan of the identity card or passport (in .jpg 300 dpi or .pdf format).

 All the above-mentioned information and documents must be sent exclusively in electronic format via application form on www.premiobonporti.it


A registration fee of 90,00 EUR per participant must be sent to the Competion Secretariat via bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: Accademia di Musica Antica – Piazza San Marco, 7 – 38068 Rovereto TN – Italy
bank name: Cassa Rurale di Rovereto
IBAN: IT47 G082 1020 8000 0003 0207 953

The registration fee will not be reimbursed in case of withdrawal.


The deadline for the submission of the application files (see 6.) and for the payment of the registration fee (see 7.) is 23rd  September 2019.


The competition will take place from Wednesday  16 October to Sunday 20 October 2019.

  • Preliminary round: Wednesday 16 October 2019 – 8.00pm
  • Semi-final round: Thursday 17 October 2019 – 8.00pm
  • Rehearsal of finalists with orchestra: Friday 18 October 2019
  • Final with orchestra: Saturday 19 October 2019 – 8.45 pm
  • Prizes Award Ceremony: Sunday 20 October 2019 – 11.00am.

The competitors are not entitled to a fee.

All rounds are open to the public and will be held in the form of a concert.

All rounds of the competition will be fully video-recorded. The organization reserves the right to publicly broadcast the recording performances (or part thereof). It also reserves the right to make and distribute a promo-CD of the competition with all or part of the recorded material. With the registration the Competitors waive any rightattachedto theserecordingsandbroadcasts.

The calendar of the preliminary round will be forwarded to all competitors by  October 1st 2019.


The Hostel of Rovereto will reserve for the participants of Premio Bonporti ca. 70 places (with fee) in reservation order.

The hostel will reserve for the participants of Premio Bonporti some rehearsals rooms for free.

The organization offers the participants admitted to the final of the competition the free night stay at the Youth Hostel in Rovereto from the evening of October 17 until the morning of October 20, 2019 (three nights).

For information about prices and payment modalities at hostel:

Ostello di Rovereto
Via delle Scuole 18
I – 38068 Rovereto TN

tel. +39.(0)464.486757 or mob. +39 342 7431378
or fax +39.(0)464.400959
info@ostellorovereto.it  – www.ostellorovereto.it

Other information about accomodation in Rovereto and nearby towns and villages can be retrived by visiting the following websites:


All participants accept the present Regulation.

There is no appeal against the decisions of the Jury.
The organisation may decide to make minor changes to the present regulation without prior notice.
The Rovereto Court of Law will be competent for any legal controversy.


Palazzo Carpentari von Mittenberg
Piazza San Marco, 7
I ‐ 38068 Rovereto TN
tel. +39.(0)464.437689 or mob. +39.328.7906264
or fax +39.(0)464.437689
info@premiobonporti.it‐ www.premiobonporti.it


Associazione Filarmonica, Rovereto (Italy)
Festival de Musica Antigua, Barcellona (Spain)
Festival Spazio e Musica, Vicenza (Italy)
Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica, Urbino (Italy)
Festival Internazionale Seicento Novecento, Pescara (Italy)
Festival Toscano di Musica Antica, Pisa (Italy)
Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica, Roma (Italy)
Grandezze & Meraviglie, Modena (Italy)
Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht (Holland)
Maj z Muzyką Dawną, Wrocław (Poland)
Milano Classica, Milan (Italy)
Nuove Settimane Barocche, Brescia (Italy)
R.E.M.A. – Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne (Europe)
Seviqc Brežice (Slovenia)
Società Filarmonica, Trento (Italy)
Trento Musicantica, Trento (Italy)
Wunderkammer, Trieste (Italy)